Self-Consciousness and Social Interaction Anxiety among School Students

Zoha Maqsood, Asma Majeed & Israh Anwar

The study aims at identifying a one-to-one correspondence among self-consciousness and social interaction anxiety between students.
Furthermore, the differences between coeducational and non-coeducational schools were also studied. Correlation research design and
purposive sampling strategy was used to collect the data. A total sample
of N= 200 participants were selected out of which 100 students were
enrolled in coeducational, boys and girls, each (n= 50) and 100
participants who were enrolled in non-coeducational schools, boys and
girls, each (n= 50) with ages ranging between 14-19 years old. The scales
used in the research were The Self-Consciousness Revised Scale
(Scheier & Carver, 1985) and Social Interaction Anxiousness Scale
(Leary, 1983). Results suggested strong correlation among self-consciousness both in public and private, as well as in social anxiety and
social interaction anxiety. Moreover, no differences were found in
relation to the self-consciousness and social interaction anxiety between
the students enrolled both within coeducational and non-coeducational

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