Innovative Teaching: An Effective Ingredient for Educational Change at University Level

Farah Naz & Hasan Sohaib Murad

Educational change is inexorable for societal growth. Education and its
demands are changing every day. Educational change in higher education
institutions gravely needs an effective and innovative teaching
methodology inside and outside classrooms. It is voice of the time, the
innovative methods in teaching can not only meet the individual needs of
the students but can produce high quality future professionals. To review
the current status of teaching in universities, a quantitative study has
been conducted. A survey based on innovative teaching practices and
educational change linked with these practices have been done from the
sample of 400 students of BS / MPhil / PhD and 200 teachers of BS/
MPhil /PhD level. The results have shown that still there’s a long way to
go to encounter the fast changing scenario of education at higher level.
Majority of the higher education teachers are accepting change but at the
same time, they are more comfortable with the conventional teaching
methods. The results are also found to be insignificant for top
management involvement in the process of change.

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