Effects of Cooperative Learning Models on Prospective Teachers’ Achievement and Equity

Zaheer Ahmad & Nasir Mahmood

The cooperative learning (CL) intervention was conducted to find out the
effects of two conditions of CL on prospective teachers (PTs)
achievement and equity. Cooperative learning was embedded in methods
of teaching English course. Thirty five students enrolled in Master of
Arts in English Language Teaching and Linguistics programme (MA
ELTL) were the subjects of the study. The study employed counter
balanced design. The main research questions were; (1) What is the
difference in Prospective Teachers’ (PTs) achievement after exposure to
CL as compared to their previous CGPA? (2) Which model of CL is
better for producing higher achievement? (3) Which CL model provides/
establishes equity (equal chances to succeed) to maximum number of
students? Achievement tests and class quizzes were administered to
obtain data. Paired samples t-test, Mann-Whitney U test and Kruskal-
Wallis test were carried out to answer the research questions. The
findings suggest that CL significantly enhances PTs’ achievement as
compared to Traditional Instruction (TI). Both CL models are compatible
to increase achievement and equity in TE. Learning together (LT) is
more efficient and effective as compared to Student teams Achievement
Divisions (STAD). The study opens doors for doing innovations and
intervention in teacher education through different CL models.

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