The Discursive Constructions in School: A Qualitative Assessment of Value Conflicts between School Ethos and Everyday Life

Afia Misri & Muhammad Bilal

The debate of quality education in Pakistan revolves around three basic systems of education – Elite English Medium Education System, State Urdu Medium Education System and Madrassa Education System. However, the history and discourse of education planning and development in Pakistan largely ignores the aspects of school socialization when addressing the development issues of children. While focusing on the psychological and cultural incongruences in the school socialization experiences of children, this paper asks that what are the major realms where school going children experience conflicts between the school ethos and real-life practices? The ethnographic study was conducted in Chakwal city, located in Punjab Province, involving participant observation in private and public schools. In-depth interviews were also conducted to acquire a holistic understanding of emerging trends of school ethos among students. The sample was selected through purposive sampling which includes students, parents and teachers belonging to different educational levels and diverse socio-economic backgrounds. The findings suggest that the incongruence between school socialization and what children experience in wider society engender conflicting worldviews eventually creating everyday value-conflicts and identity crisis among children.A

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