Exploring 8th Graders’ Metacognition and its Relationship with Mathematical Academic Achievement

Musarrat Habib, Rizwan Akram Rana

Present study was intended to measure the metacognition of Grade 8 students and to find its relationship with their mathematical achievement. The study was quantitative by nature and correlational method was used to explore relationship between students’ metacognition and mathematical achievement. A standardized tool Junior Metacognitive Inventory (Jr. MAI) was used to explore metacognition of 90 students of Grade 8 in a public school. A pilot study helped to find the validity of the tool in Pakistani context. Data was collected through getting mathematics marks of the students in their last school examination held according to the format given by the Punjab Examination Commission. Data collected was analyzed through descriptive statistics and relation was studied by Pearson’s correlation coefficient. Results showed that a positive correlation exists between metacognition of the students and academic achievement in Mathematics of Grade 8 students. Teachers’ trainers are strongly recommended to introduce metacognitive strategies among teachers and experimental studies are being suggested to explore effective strategies to develop metacognition among students to enhance Mathematical achievement.

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