Content Analysis of General Science Text Book for 8th Grade

Zubair Ahmad Shah, Nasir Mahmood, Javed Hassan Akhtar

General Science textbooks have integrated contents of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and; Earth and Space, demand special attention of curriculum developers. This study aimed to explore the contents of General Science textbook of 8th grade taught in government and private schools of Punjab province. This qualitative nature research was conducted through content analysis design. The contents of Generals Science textbook of 8th grade were broken down in terms of Piagetian developmental levels by using instrument Curriculum Analysis Taxonomy (CAT) and cross validated with one of the originators of CAT. The findings show that majority of contents of General Science textbook were at Concrete Operational level while a small number of contents demands Formal Operational level. It was recommended that the distribution of contents should follow model based on Piagetian development levels and the selection of contents should be on the basis of breadth and depth of the concepts. 

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