Etiology of Students Fail to Complete Doctorate Degree within Stipulated Time

Muhammad Irshad

In the face of contemporary world requirements, the demand for a research
degree is highly aggravated. In order to fulfill the growing demand
academia enrolled candidates with such distinctive characteristics like
self-motivated, long studying/working stamina coupled with strong family
support. The failures of such distinguish characteristics students postulate
long-lasting effect on society in general and academia in particular. This
study was conducted to identify factors that affect research students’
performance with regard to the timely completion of a research degree.
Students enrolled for a research degree in KPK universities were
considered population i.e. 963 and a stratified sampling technique was
used for sample selection. Total 275 questionnaires were distributed to the
respondents and 246 were received back. AMOS-24 and SPSS-20
software were used for analysis that includes EFA, CFA and SEM. The
study found that individual background-cum-personal traits, advisor
support and organization support are the factors affecting students’
performance. Further found a significant positive relationship between
identified factors and research degree completion. All stakeholders play
their role to support research scholars and educational institutes arrange
training sessions for advisors also monitor their schedules and not engage
them in teaching activities. Equipped research lab/centers with advanced
technologies and ensure access to research students. The criteria of HEC
in terms of advisor v/s scholars’ ratio may also be maintained. Further
research studies may be conducted to examine other host factors affecting
research students’ performance in different contents and contexts.

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