Generation Stress Affecting Students Interpersonal Skills at Higher Level

Quratul Ain Hina, Saira Nudrat, Zawar Hussain

The research was designed to assess the level of stress and interpersonal
skills of students at higher education level. Further to measure the effect
of stress on students’ interpersonal skills of young students. Research was
of descriptive-correlational style. The population of the study was based
on 9132 social sciences university students (session 2018). 724 students
contributed in the data collection. Stress indicators assessment scale based
on five sub scales (sleep, behavioral, emotional, personal and physical
indicators) having 65 items and interpersonal skills assessment scale (60
items) were used to collect data. It was found that stress and interpersonal
skills among young students were at moderate level. The study indicated
that the stress effects negatively 31. 9% on the interpersonal skills. Further
sleep disorder, behavior, Emotions, Physical and personal indicators had

  1. 6%, 21. 7%, 25. 6%, 26. 3% and 21. 6% negative effect on students’
    interpersonal skills respectively. It is recommended for the educational
    institutions to encourage the social and community service programs to
    reduce stress and improve interpersonal skills among students.

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