Head Teachers’ Instructional Supervisory Practices and Teachers’ Motivation in Teaching

Mushtaq Ahmed, Fareeha Samee, Shaista Khalid

The study determined the relationship between Government Secondary
school head teachers’ instructional supervisory practices and teachers’
motivation in teaching. The study was correlational and survey technique
was used for data collection. The population of the study was all the male
and female head teachers and teachers working in the Government
Secondary schools of District Sargodha. Multistage sampling technique
was used to select the research participants from 75 randomly selected
Government high schools of tehsil Sargodha, 75 head teachers and 225
teachers were selected on availability basis. Two self-developed
questionnaires one for head teachers and other questionnaire for teachers
pertaining were used. After pilot testing, Cronbach alphas reliability of
both the questionnaires were 0.720 and 0.886 respectively. Descriptive
statistics and Pearson r correlation were used to analyze the data. The
conclusions were that majority of the head teachers were using excellent
instructional supervisory practices and majority of the teachers had
excellent or good motivation level. There was positive and moderate
relationship between head teachers’ instructional supervisory practices
and teachers’ motivation. It was recommended that DSD should arrange
trainings for the head teachers to improve their inspection skills.

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