Factors Contributing to Absenteeism in Undergraduates Nursing Students

Tanzeel ul Rahman, Mansoor Ghani, Samina Kausar


Absenteeism is an act of being excessively away from educational institute which is a major indiscipline problem among students globally. The purpose of this study was to identify the major factors contributing to the absenteeism among nursing students at undergraduate level. Descriptive cross-sectional study design was used. Data was collected by using by pre tested and modified self-administered questionnaire from nursing students of 13 nursing colleges offering 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program in Punjab province of Pakistan after taking care of all the ethical considerations. Systematic random sampling technique was used to select 130 participants from nursing institutes offering 4 year BSN program. Most influential factors for absenteeism identified were ‘not joined nursing studies as per choice’, ‘awaking up late for college’, ‘impending assignments’, ‘lack of interest in certain subjects’, ‘when teachers teaching skills are not up to mark’ , ‘Lack of proper guidance in clinical area’ , ‘shortage of staff in clinical area’ , ‘Being treated as hospital staff in clinical area’ , ’very exhaustive and rigid or irregular timetable’. Study identified that nursing student’s absenteeism is interplay of multiple modifiable factors. Hence, necessary steps may be taken to overcome these modifiable factors to improve the quality of nursing education.

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