Effect of Trait Anxiety on Students’ Academic Achievement

Samina Shahab, Samina Malik, Shamsa Aziz


This research inquiry was conducted to probe the consequence of trait anxiety on students’ academic achievement. The research design was descriptive, while the quantitative research approach adopted. The main objectives of the study were to investigate the effects of trait test anxiety on the students’ academic achievement and test out the nature of the effects of trait test anxiety on the students’ academic achievement. 504 students (252 male and 252 female students) of the 10th class were selected as sample through stratified random sampling technique. The sample is further grouped as anxious and non anxious students (126 each).  The Westside Trait anxiety Scale for measuring trait anxiety was used to gauge the trait anxiety of the students.  For statistical investigation and interpretation, Spearman Rank correlation was exercised.  The findings of the study supported the research hypothesis as a significant correlation was found.  The value of Spearman Rank Correlation (rho) showed a significant connection between trait test anxiety and academic achievement as p< .05.  The main findings of the study were 1) a significant correlation (rho = .128) and (rho= .187) among anxiety and academic achievement of the students and 2)   significant negative correlation linking anxiety and academic attainments was attained.

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