Implementing Education for Sustainable Development: University Teachers’ Perspectives

Madiha Khadim, Naima Qureshi, Ayaz Muhammad Khan

Implementing the concept of Sustainable Development in Higher Education has been a challenge. Universities, in particular, are essential in achieving the SDGs that equip the next generation with knowledge and would enable them to address sustainability challenges. In this regard, teacher educators also play their role to use their expertise to train pre-service teachers to adopt sustainable practices. Research has also highlighted that teacher educators face numerous challenges in developing knowledge of sustainability among pre-service teachers. Through a qualitative approach, using semi-structured interviews and thematic analysis procedures, this study explored the viewpoints of twenty-two teacher educators from eight public sector universities in Punjab. The findings indicated that teacher educators face many challenges including lack of commitment from students, lack of support from management, lack of time and instructional resources, narrow-focused courses while integrating sustainability knowledge among pre-service teachers.

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