Factors Affecting Teachers’ Turnover in Private Schools of Karachi

Ruby Naureen, Rozina Sewani

This study was conducted to determine the factors that influence teachers’ turnover in private schools of Karachi. Turnover of teachers in private schools create a challenging impact on student performance and on their educational development. Due to frequent turnover of teachers the educational process is slowing down, students’ productivity is decreasing and the trust that parents and society place on schools is diminishing. The study was Qualitative and applied Narrative approach to identify the factors that affect teachers’ turnover. In this study two private sector schools were selected for data collection from urban Karachi, Pakistan.
Due to the Covid 19
pandemic and school closure researcher selected two schools. From these schools seven teachers were selected for semi-structured interviews. The result of this research revealed six factors that were financial benefits (salary), lack of professionalism, respect, rewards, administration’s support and career development trainings. The result of this study indicates that when teachers’ expectations did not fulfill it and lead them to disappointment or tend to quit their jobs.

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