Identification of Challenges Concerned to the Research and Development (R&D) Mechanism in Public Sector Universities of Pakistan

Jam Muhammad Zafar

Research and Development (R&D) mechanism at higher education is facing severe challenges that are plaguing the educational system of Pakistan. This study focuses the challenges of R&D mechanism concerned to the public sector universities. Sample of the study comprised of six hundred and ninety (690) faculty members from selected twenty-three (23) public sector universities. The study was survey and descriptive in nature. The quantitative as well as qualitative (QUAN-qual) methods were adopted and the explanatory sequential technique was used. The questionnaire was used as a research tool based on closed ended items and open-ended questions. The research tool was refined and modified in light of the expert opinion and reliability was calculated 0.771 through Cronbach’s Alpha. The researcher personally visited the selected universities for data collection. SPSS-21 was used to evaluate the gathered data using statistical formulas. The study revealed diversified results regarding the challenges of R&D centers. Collectively, it was found that 75.48% respondents responded that R&D mechanism at public sector universities. It was identified that challenges concerned to the R&D mechanism, explored by the present research, need to be alleviated. The study recommended R&D centers should be upgraded on priority basis in public sector universities of Pakistan. 

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