An Evaluation of the Mentoral Support Programme of Directorate of Staff Development

Tasleem Ullah, SaleemUllah Jundran 


It was an impact assessment study that was conducted to assess the impact of District Teacher Educators (DTE) mentoral support upon Primary School Teachers (PST) professional progress in Punjab. The Punjab Government’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program had been initiated through Directorate of Staff Development (DSD). Five years have passed since the start of this program. High expenditure was expected to be consumed for this task. Its effectiveness or the impact of this program needed to be assessed. Thus, the objectives were to assess the PSTs professional progress in the eight areas of mentoral support program, in M.B.D in district. The Questionnaire and Structured-Interview were taken as instruments. Data was hereby analyzed through percentage measure and Chi-square test. The sample consisted of two types of population. It was based upon 120 PSTs and 40 Heads of Secondary / Higher Secondary Schools working as Cluster Training and Support Centre (CTSC) Heads. Conclusions indicated that PSTs were satisfied about their professional progress acquired through DTEs. However, CTSC Heads were not found satisfied about the impact of DSD’s mentoring program.

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