Awareness, Importance and Satisfaction with the Library Resources: Survey Results from Pakistan

Intizar Hussain Butt 


This paper aims at exploring the Master of Philosophy in Education students’ awareness about various library resources, their importance and students’ level of satisfaction. This paper concerns the librarians, research students and academicians involved in guiding student research. The paper achieves three objectives 1) to understand Master of Philosophy in Education students’ awareness of documented library resources 2) explore level of importance given to the documented library resources and 3) to find out students’ level of satisfaction about the availability of documented library resources. A conveniently selected sample comprised 100 Master of Philosophy in Education students from a public sector university of Punjab, Pakistan. The data were collected in 2012 through a survey questionnaire which was developed by the researchers and validated by the expert opinions and existing literature. Forty-four library resources were documented in the questionnaire. The response rate was 98%. The data were analyzed by using quantitative approach. It was found that, prior to this survey, the participants were not aware of 14 documented library resources out of which 6 resources have been mentioned as very important by the them. As far as the level of satisfaction about the availability of mentioned resources is concerned, it was very low. This study has highlighted the need for redefining the role of librarians, functioning of libraries and developing librarian-student partnership in order to facilitate research students.

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