Schools as Antecedents of Teacher Burnout: A Case of Public Sector Schools in Lahore

Faiza Shaheen


The cascading causes and consequences of teacher burnout also put other elements of school effectiveness under question. To estimate the extent of teachers’ involvement and to optimize utilization of school facilities, this research study was undertaken. This study examined the degree of relationship among the aspects of burnout among school teachers and school factors. A representative sample of 424 school teachers (Male=178 and Females=246) was selected by convenient sampling technique. Maslach Burnout Inventory-ES (MBI) was administered to measure the emotional involvement of teachers whereas a self-developed tool assessing present school factors was used to estimate the relationship between emotional state of teachers and workplace facilities (school resources).Data were analyzed by using Mean, SD, and Pearson product moment (r). Results indicated that teachers’ internal involvement correspond to the availability of given school facilities. In addition to the knowledge about teachers’ involvement on job duties, it was recommended that the ultimate school performance can be improved while keeping the right extent of school facilities. Recommendations on coping strategies at personal level by teachers themselves as well as at school level by administrators were also provided.

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