The Role of Formative Assessment in Learning Chemistry

Iqbal Shah 


The present paper is based on research study conducted to examine the effects of formative assessment on the achievements of students in chemistry subject. The main purpose of this research was to provide the evidence for a link between formative assessment and student learning [on experimental and control group as well as their comparison and also the comparison of achievements of Boys and Girls]. The post test experimental design of research was used for this work and this study was carried out for four weeks. 50 Science students of 10th
* Assistant Professor, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad.class of Govt. Boys Comprehensive School, and 50 Science students of 10th Class of Govt. Girls Comprehensive School, were randomly selected for this research. Students were randomly divided into two groups ‘Experimental Group and Control Group’ having 25 students in each. Posttest (Achievement Test) was used as research tool. After teaching of every week, the experimental group was treated with formative assessment test. While control groups were not treated with formative assessment. After treatment of one month, an achievement test was conducted to both experimental as well as control groups. Data was collected by this test and analyzed by applying the t-test statistically. The analysis of data indicated that those students who were treated with formative assessment show better achievements than those students who were not treated with weekly formative assessment. Finally, the results of this research showed that the use of formative assessment significantly improved the student’s learning. Furthermore, it was also proved that the use of formative assessment is necessary for both girls and boys because it has improved
** Research Scholar
*** Research Scholar
Iqbal, Kouser & Akhtar Ali 124
the achievements both in girls and boys. This study can be proved as an exploratory and offers encouragements for all teachers that this approach has considerable value for the learners.

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