The Effect of Pre-school Education on Language Comprehension of Children at Primary Level

Shaista Majid, Shahid Hussan


The research was designed to study the effect of pre-school on language comprehension of children at primary level. Preschool education is the education of young children, they got from the age of three years in proper school environment before class I. The research question was, whether preschool education has any contribution in understanding of English language of children, and in future academic progress of children at primary level. The comprehension of language was judged through tests based on English text for classes I to V. The sample of the study comprising 240 students, half preschoolers and half non preschoolers was randomly selected from four schools at Islamabad to whom tests were distributed to be done in a time limit. A statistical application of t test showed a significant difference in the performance of students having preschool education and the students without preschool education. It was concluded that the children who start their schooling at the age of three or more than three years acquired better English language writing skills than those who do not get educational experience in early years of their lives before entering in class I. It was recommended that arrangement

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