Malik Ghulam Bhehlol


The focus of this study was to examine the preparation of teachers, challenges in classroom and future prospects of inclusive education system in Pakistan. The major research questions of the study were: What is the attitude of teachers working in inclusive schools towards inclusive education? What is the preparation level of teachers working in the inclusive schools? What are the challenges faced by the teachers in these schools along with the future prospects of inclusive education system in Pakistan. It was a descriptive study and the researcher used semi-structured interview and accessibility checklist to collect qualitative and quantitative data to answer the research questions. The validated instruments were administered to six principals and twelve teachers working in inclusive schools. The study revealed that the teachers working in the inclusive education schools have not got proper training to work with the students having special needs. Moreover the accessibility of school infrastructure does not address the needs of all student. Curriculum, equipment, teaching learning aids and assessment methods also need to be readjusted. Principals and teachers have mixed opinions (positive as well as negative) about the success of inclusive education system in mainstream schools. They suggested that government may invest more financial and technical resources to train teachers and provide technological equipment if they want to integrate students with special into regular classrooms.

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