Pakistan Journal of Education, Vol 34, No 1 (2017)

Issue No. 1 of volume 34 has been published.

Table of Contents

Assessing Generic Competence Development among Higher Education Students

Ashfaque Ahmad Shah, Muhammad Sarwar and Shafqat Ali Shah
Causes of Relapse into Illiteracy of Adult Female Neo-Literates: An Evaluation

Asaf Niwaz, Aftab Ahmed and Amir Zaman

Development of Attitude through Critical Thinking

Sumaira Rashid and Shahzada Qaisar

Difference in Cultural Adjustment of Domestic and International Student Sojourners in Higher Education Institutions

Maliha Nasir and Fazal ur Rahman

Effect of School Environment on Students’ Achievement: Cross Comparison of Urdu and English Medium Classes in Punjab Province

Tariq Mahmood and Muhammad Bashir Gondal

Effect of Visual Motor Integration Training on Legibility of Urdu Handwriting

Hafiz Tahir Jameel and Tanzila Nabeel

Exploring the Relationship between Teachers’ Socio-economic Status and Their Teaching Profession Attitude at Secondary School Level

Tanveer Iqbal Mughal and Mushtaq-ur-Rehman Siddiqui

Improving Exercises of Reflective Thinking and Practice in Teacher Education at a State University in USA

Afshan Huma

Investigation into the Nature and Causes of Students’ Conflicts, Strategies and Role of Academic Personnel in Conflicts Resolution in Universities of Khyber Pakhtun Khwa

Muhammad Idris, Riasat Ali and Abdul Ghaffar



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