Difference in Cultural Adjustment of Domestic and International Student Sojourners in Higher Education Institutions

Maliha Nasir and Fazal ur Rahman


In reputed institutions of higher education students come from all over the country for gaining rich experience of learning. Not only Pakistani students from various regions enter in these institutions but also international students get admission in various academic programs. These students encounter various problems related to adjustment in a new environment. Their reaction to these problems and ability to adjust may affect their academic performance. The study mainly aimed at exploring the differences in the ability of domestic sojourners and international students to adjust in a new environment. The sample consisted of 347 students out of which 237 were Pakistani sojourners and 110 were international students. The instrument used for data collection includes Cultural Adjustment Scale which consisted of 22 items. The results revealed that ability to adjust in a new culture positively correlates with academic performance of both local and foreign sojourners. However, the difference between cultural adjustment scores of the two groups was not statistically significant. It is recommended that the institutions should provide sojourner students necessary support so that they would be able successfully complete their academic endeavor.

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