Development of Attitude through Critical Thinking

Sumaira Rashid and Shahzada Qaiser


No doubt, across the world, advantages of critical thinking in education motivated educators focus on developing the critical thinking ability and traits among students more than ever before, yet ample evidence from literature has shown the lack of critical thinking skills among students at all level. The purpose of the study was to examine the effectiveness of two teaching strategies questioning and role playing the development of critical thinking attitude among elementary students. This article offers critical thinking as a prelude to developing attitude among students by using case study method and design based approach. Two groups each with 15 students were made using purposive and convenience sampling method. Evidence was collected in a usual classroom context in the form of pre and post questionnaire data. The focus was evaluated through the indirect evidence of its effects on students’ critical thinking attitude by using Paul’s intellectual traits model. Findings suggest that critical thinking is a viable tool in influencing critical thinking attitudes of students in Pakistani context.

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