An Experimental Study of the Performance of Prospective Teachers of Flipped Classroom and Non-Flipped Classroom

Maksal Minaz, Rabia Tabassum & Muhammad Idris


Video-recording of lectures and creating of podcasts for playback on the computer and other portable devices which accommodate the new formats of self-developed learning are identified as flipped classroom. The study was focused on the objective to Investigate performance of prospective teachers of flipped classroom and non-flipped classroom with respect to flipped classroom strategy. Therefore, null hypotheses were formulated; there is no significant difference between the mean scores of flipped classroom and non-flipped classroom of prospective teachers before and after treatment; Pretest posttest equivalent group experimental research design was taken for the study. A paired random sampling technique was employed to select the sample on the basis of pretest scores from the subjects.. Experimental group was named flipped classroom and control group was named non-flipped classroom. Treatment of flipped classroom strategy provided to the flipped classroom and the non-flipped classroom was thought through lecture demonstration method. Posttest was administered to collect data from both groups without delay after treatment of six academic weeks. Results of the study illustrated that there was significant difference between the performance of flipped and non-flipped classrooms prospective teachers. It was recommended that flipped classroom may be an integral part of curriculum of professional development courses in Pakistan.

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