Influence of the Supervision Related Background Variables on the Supervisees’ Supervision Experiences at Postgraduate Level

Tooba Saleem & Nasir Mahmood


This research aims to investigate the influence of some supervision related background variables on the supervisees’ supervision experiences during their research at postgraduate level. We conducted a survey from (N= 422) supervisees using Supervisor-Supervisee. Relationship Questionnaire (SSRQ, 65 items) scored on six point scale. The items of SSRQ were developed on six supervision aspects to find the supervision related experiences in addition to the selected background variables. The subscale wise content validity and reliability of the SSRQ was ensured. Inferential statistics were applied to achieve the main objectives of the research. The findings of the research highlighted the importance of supervisors’ expertise and research skills in the supervisees’ area of research. The supervisees who were not given choice for the selection of the supervisor have reported negative supervision experiences. Giving choice to the selection of a supervisor can improve the supervision experiences of supervisees and can minimize the potential personality and research interest related anomalies. Supervisees from the social sciences disciplines reported the problem of workload management during the supervision process. On the basis of findings it is suggested that supervision allotment procedure, alignment between supervisors’ area of specialization and supervisee research topic and discipline specific supervision trainings may be initiated.

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