Students Exploring Educational E-learning Technology of Podcasts on Fine Arts Instruction in Nigeria Universities

Odewumi Michael Olubunmi, Omoyajowo Bamideles Stephen, Onojah Amos Ochayi & Ajala Iyabo Romoke


The podcast is an e-learning technology which came into existence as result of digital age, to dissimilates information but it has evolved to become as powerful media of instruction globally. Despite its usefulness and relevance to the educational context, the awareness and utilise in aiding learning have not been established. Therefore, the study examined the effectiveness of Podcast and Lecture strategies on the undergraduate students of fine arts. The study also looked into how moderating variables of gender and attitude have the influence on fine arts when Podcasts is used as an instructional strategy. Purposive Sampling Technique was employed to select two study centres of University of Ado Ekiti, Nigeria. 40 undergraduate from two intact classes to Podcasts and lecture instructional group. Podcast and Fine Arts Achievement Test (FAAT) were used as treatment while t-test statistics were used for data analysis. Findings indicated that undergraduate students taught fine arts using podcast performed better and students exposed to Podcasts learning strategy had a positive attitude to fine arts. However, students’ gender had no influence on their performance. Based on the findings, it was recommended that fine arts lecturers should be encouraged to use Podcasts to improve students’ cognitive and affective earning outcomes of fine arts.

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