Inquiry into Gendered Teacher-Student Classroom Interactions

Ra’na Malik, Nayab Javed & Muhammad Dilshad


The present study aimed to examine the effects of teachers’ gender on teacher-student interactions in the classroom. Moreover, the differences in frequency of interaction, differences in types of teacher initiatives and responses towards boys and girls in the classroom were also identified. Total 36 lessons were observed in grade 8th classroom in a local school in Gujranwala. Each class lesson was observed for 30 minutes. Observations were coded using the Interactions for Sex Equity in Classroom Teaching (INTERSECT) observational research tool. The study found that boys received more praise from female teachers than male teachers. Moreover, both male and female teachers criticize boys more while male teachers tend to interact more with girls than boys. This paper provides guide lines to the curriculum planners to recommend gender neutral teaching techniques for the male and female teachers to be practiced in mixed gender (coed) classes.

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