Experience of Professional Development Strategies: Context of Nepalese EFL Teachers

Kumari Damayanti Joshi, Laxman Gnawali & Mary Dixon


Professional Development (PD) for teachers in developing countries is an emerging emphasis despite limited resources. Evidence regarding the teachers’ experiences of PD activities in developing countries, including Nepal, are not well known. This study aimed to identify and discuss PD strategies employed by Nepalese English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers and experiences. The study employed a qualitative research design for data collection among 45 EFL teachers recruited from 15 high schools and colleges across the districts of Kathmandu and Lalitpur. Data on teachers’ age, gender, academic qualification, teaching experience (in terms of number of years), and teacher training, their experiences about PD and the perceived benefits of the different learning strategies of PD were collected using a questionnaire. The findings are presented in terms of the four main groups of PD strategies – self-directed, profession related, peer-supported and study-(research-) focused. We report that the Nepalese EFL teachers have positive experience towards different PD strategies. The EFL teachers have been benefited mostly from self-directed (own teaching experience and self -monitoring), profession related (workshops, seminars and conferences), and peer-supported (learning from colleagues) PD strategies. The study recommends that there is a need for on-going PD activities for EFL teachers in Nepal.

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