Concept Mapping for Improving Expository Writing in Second Language

Rehana Rahman & Munazza Ambreen


Out of the four language skills, writing is considered to be the imperative one from the academic point of view. The students at intermediate level need to practice expository essay writing to be able to write fluently in their university stage ahead. The study investigated the effects of concept mapping strategy on expository writing skill of the students at intermediate level. The study was experimental in nature with pretest-posttest control group design. To this end, forty students from Government Girls Higher Secondary School from Intermediate Part II were selected as an average sample after their Proficiency in English Language Test (PET). They were divided into two equivalent groups after pretest. The concept mapping treatment was given to the experimental group for six weeks. They composed 10 expository essays following concept mapping strategy for each essay. The control group was taught in a conventional way. Pretest-Posttest score difference of writing achievement of control and experimental groups revealed significant difference. It was observed that the he treatment group wrote more organized, extensive, comprehensive and rich essays than those written by students of control group. The findings suggest that concept mapping is a practical tool in prompting expository writing skill of the students at intermediate level in Pakistani perspective.

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