Effect of Inclusive Leadership on Teachers’ Involvement in Creative Tasks: The Mediating Role of Psychological Safety

Muhammad Uzair-ul-Hussan & Abida Hassan


This study focuses on the link between inclusive leadership and teachers’ involvement in creative tasks with mediating role of psychological safety. The particular contexts of the study are service based organizations, i.e. public and private high schools. Data were collected from 290 teachers performing their duties across urban & rural area schools of Sargodha, Punjab. The data collection tool is the quantitative questionnaire. The study was quantitative in nature that made use of descriptive as well as inferential statistics to analyze the data. The data had been collected through convenience sampling on the basis of availability of the research participants. For data collection, cross sectional method was used. The results of SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) analysis indicated that inclusive leadership is positively related to teachers’ creativity at their workplace. Moreover, analysis also indicated that inclusive leadership is associated with psychological safety, which, in turn, stimulates teachers’ participation in creative tasks. That association showed indirect effect. It was analyzed that a strong and statistically significant effect of inclusive behavior of head teacher on teachers’ creativity became insignificant when teachers psychological safety as a mediator was inserted into the module. The study recommended that our school leaders need to practice inclusive leadership for enhancing creativity in teachers. Also steps should be taken by higher schools administration to train school heads on inclusive leadership.

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