Questioning as a Tool to Instill Reasoning Skills among Seventh Grade Students in Science Subject

Sumbal Asghar & Rizwan Akram Rana

Scientific and technological development is crucial for progress and its planning begins in the classroom by teaching Science to nascent minds. Though, teaching mastery in understanding Science is an ongoing challenge and Pakistan is committed to teaching students to excel in their understanding of scientific and technological development. Development of understanding in Science requires the use of reasoning skills which needs to be inculcated among students. The aim of this study is to use the questioning method to develop reasoning skills among seventh-grade students in science subject. The questioning method is a strategy which can encourage students to think and improve their reasoning skills. Two intact groups of seventh-grade students were selected randomly as control and experimental groups. It was a three-month intervention which consisted of three phases. Separate pre-test/post-test was given for each phase of the study. After the intervention, posttest scores of both groups for the three phases of the research were compared. Major findings of the study addressed the efficacy of questioning as instructional pedagogy for the development of reasoning skills in grade 7 students in Science subject.

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