An Investigation of Efficacy and Hope as Predictors of Academic Motivation

Hira Arooj & Tazvin Ijaz

The present study aimed at exploring the predictors of academic motivation of adolescents by analyzing the academic efficacy and academic hope. The sample was consisted of 1581 students from nine towns of Lahore. Sampling was done through area probability sampling strategy. The data was collected by using translated and adapted Academic Efficacy Scale (Arooj & Ijaz, 2017), Academic Hope Scale (Arooj & Ijaz, 2017), and Academic Motivation Scale (Arooj & Ijaz, 2017). Pearson Product Moment Correlation analysis showed the existence of positive relationship between academic efficacy, academic hope and intrinsic and extrinsic academic motivation. Stepwise Regression Analysis displayed two models. In these models, academic efficacy and academic hope predicted intrinsic academic motivation and contributed variance of 24% and 13%, respectively. Furthermore, the Stepwise Regression Analysis for extrinsic academic motivation showed two models in which academic efficacy and academic hope contributed variance of 22% and 12% respectively.

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