The Barriers and Challenges Faced by Private Sector Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Promoting Sustainable Development: A Qualitative Inquiry in Pakistan

Muhammad Waqas, Muqaddas Rehman & Abdul Rehman

Private sector higher education institutions (HEIs) play a significant role in advancement of sustainability. In Pakistan still this concept is in stage of infancy and has received little research attention. Moreover, HEIs in private sector are facing a lot of barriers and challenges in its implementation. In this backdrop, the purpose of this exploratory study is to determine the roles, barriers and challenges for development of sustainable private sector HEIs in Punjab using semi-structured interviews form 11 faculty members working in private sector HEIs in Punjab, thematic analysis was carried out using NVivo 12. In general, all the participants agreed that private sector HEIs are the knowledge creating institutes and they can actively promote the sustainable development in Pakistan through faculty training and active involvement of all the stakeholders and action oriented research. Major barriers were found to be lack of finance, poor research culture, faculty incompetency and inadequate management support. It is suggested that HEIs must use the resources in an optimal manner and develop appropriate class room environment, effective curriculum, right technology usage, solution based research and well developed infrastructure to generate the innovative solutions for sustainable developmen

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