Commitment with the Teaching Profession: Demographical View of Teacher Educators

Halima Shoaib & Ibrahim Khalid


Competent and committed teachers are demand of today’s revolutionary era to increase the effectiveness of educational institutions. We live in a high tech and high demanding age. There are sudden challenges in all walks of life, including education. This study was conducted to explore the professional commitment of teachers (teacher educators) working in Govt. Colleges for Elementary Teacher Institutions in Punjab. Three hundred and twenty teacher-educators (200 males and 120 females) were selected through proportionate random sampling from the population of 540 teacher educators. To collect data a questionnaire, Professional Commitment Questionnaire for teacher educators (PCQ-TE) was developed. The descriptive and inferential statistics i.e. t-test and ANOVA were applied for data analysis. The results revealed that the commitment towards the teaching profession increases with the increase of experience. Female teachers were more committed as compared to male teachers. Keeping in view the findings of the study, it was recommended that the social and financial status of male teachers’ educators should be enhanced for increasing their commitment level. There should be proper provision of resources and training regarding professional development of rural teachers.

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