Effectiveness of Educational Videos and Games for the Concept Clarity and Understanding of Social Studies Subject: An Intervention Study

Farhana Khurshid, Maria Bibi

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is considered as a key requirement for learners because it augments their learning. This study investigated the effectiveness of utilising educational videos and games into teaching for better understanding and concept clarity of students in the subject of Social Studies. This experimental study was conducted in two government secondary schools, for four weeks on a sample size of fifty-eight students of 8th class. Different topics from Social Studies subject were taught to the sample with the help of educational videos and games. A test was constructed to assess students’ concept understanding of the topics taught during the experiment, which was utilised as pre- and post-test for the study. The difference between the social studies concept understanding of control and experimental group students was calculated through t-tests. The significant values of t-tests (p=0.00) and effect size (r=0.96) indicated that teaching through educational videos and games helped students in better way for their clarity of abstract and complex concepts of Social Studies subject. In the focus group discussion, students mentioned that teaching with educational videos and games helped them in understanding the difficult concepts of Social Studies and developed their interest in the subject.

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