Effect of Directed Activities related to Texts on English Writing Skill: Relevance and Adequacy of the Content of Grade XI Students

Abdul Rauf, Muhammad Saeed

The study was aimed to find out the effect of directed activities related to texts (DARTs) on English writing skill: Relevance and adequacy of the contents. An experimental study was conducted through pre-test post-test control group design. A public sector degree college for boys from district Lahore was selected as sample of the study. Sixty students out of 400 enrolled in the session 2018-19 were selected and divided into two equal groups randomly. Study intervention period was of 16 weeks. A supply type test was used to measure students’ English writing skill. Test was marked according to the rubrics TEEP (Test of English for Educational Purpose) developed by Reading University UK. Data were analyzed by using repeated measures paired sample t-test and independent sample t-test. Findings revealed that directed activities related to texts (DARTs) had statistically significant positive effect on students’ English writing skill. English Teachers for grade XI were recommended to teach English text with the help of DARTs as classroom activities for the development of students’ English writing skill. Grade XI students were also recommended to practice DARTs to improve their English writing skill.

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