A Study on Teachers Perception about Components of English Handwriting in Pakistan

Hafiz Tahir Jameel, Farhan Sarwar, Beverly H. Moskowitz

Handwriting is an essential element of school activities for the school-aged children. Good or legible handwriting remains a constant task for the teachers and students throughout the whole day. Teachers recognize legible handwriting at a glance due to their routine work in the schools. Which criterion led to a teacher’s determination of good handwriting was the purpose and research question posed in this study. The intent was to identify the components of legibility from the teachers’ perspective. Referencing handwriting experts and a literature review, key variables were categorized and organized onto a 5-point Likert Scale questionnaire. Teachers’ responses to the various legibility criteria were then tallied with regards to primary school students. Mean, standard deviation, exploratory factor analysis and path diagram statistics were applied to the ordinal data. It was concluded that twelve components were important for the legibility of handwriting of primary school students. These include Readability, Margin, Similarity, Line, Space, Size, Shape, Roundness, Form, Slant, Alignment and Recognition.

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